Welcome to my Family History

Welcome to my family history website. I have had an active interest in my genealogy since my late teens when I began assisting my father with his research. He however concentrated purely on his paternal line. Once he realised I could make far more progress thanks to the assistance of the internet he passed over the research to me and at that point things really took off. I was blessed in many ways to have a pretty rare surname, Penter, which is Cornish and means end of land. I have to confess if my surname had been Smith I very much doubt I would have become interested in family history whatsoever.

Throughout the Nineteenth Century I have managed to piece together the majority of all the Penter's listed in England into two families and I am very much hoping at some point to find the link between them both because I'm sure there will be one.

As well as tracing my linear history through all four of my Grandparents I much prefer to span out in every direction possible, tracing the decendents of daughters and well as sons and particularly in the village environments tracking the family of those who have married my relatives, in many cases small village families intertwine in more than one place. Even if these connection are not my flesh and blood the research will no doubt be able to help someone else as well as bringing to life those who will have known and shared the life of those who have gone before me.

As any family historian will know it is wonderfully rewarding and also at times extremely frustrating with several brick wall moments and historical data of variably quality. However we non the less keep going. If you find any inaccuracies do please get in contact and let me know, my research is only as good as the sources I find and errors therefore will occur.


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